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Continue reading only
1) if you got trapped & need assistance and/or
2) if you are close to being trapped/encircled by victim hunters like investment managers & their breed

Venture Capital TODAY.

Two decades ago any VC investment manager who paid back less than 2 times the monies received from investors was considered to be an underperformer. Today, less than 0,5% of all investment managers pay back 1 times the invested capital!
A 2x DPI is practically not being achieved by any venture capital manager.
As a consequence, none of the teams are able to “reap the benefits of carried interest”, especially when there is a fair hurdle rate in favour of the investors.
Therefore it may no longer be surprising that investment managers have now developed other mechanisms of allocating investors’ monies into their pockets.
Direct result to be seen: effective cost quota has almost doubled over the last 15 years!

From "ACS VCP build Bridges to Top Performers."

In 1997, this was the start and the main goal of our investment activity.

Since then, ACS Venture Capital Partners (ACS VCP) have made their business mission to facilitate access to new technologies and to innovative young companies for investors.

ACS VCP know of the high yields in these investments, but also of the high risks in these areas. That is why historically ACS VCP invested solely in the world’s best High-Tech Venture Capital managers, which in their turn only participated in young High-Tech-Companies within their closely defined fields of expertise.

Even this highly discriminating approach proved to be unsatisfactory so that today after decades of experience in this fascinating area of high technology, ACS VCP see its mission in two key activities:
1. Saving those who have no experience in this sector from getting trapped and
2. Teaming up with those already trapped to change the rules in this business, which have become extremely disadvantageous for investors!

From now on, our goal is:

To "Victims of all lands, unite!"

Therefore, you should only continue to read this Website and the information therein if you are one of the following 3 groups of persons:
1. An existing investor of or co-investor with ACS VCP.
2. An investor in Venture Capital who has been trapped already, and who is looking for assistance to reduce damage to an utmost extent (which is always easier if investors team up and speak with a common voice).
3. A potential investor in Venture Capital who is already encircled by “Investment managers” and might become trapped soon – just to learn about his/her prospects in this industry.

Within the last two decades this industry has turned from one of the best performing asset categories into one of the worst performing.
After 30 years in this industry this is not just a personal view of a disappointed investor having seen most of the industry corrupting, but this view is also supported by official data. E.g. the recent top rankings of Red Herring show that less than 0,5% (one half percent!) of all venture capital investment managers of vintage year 1998 and younger are able or will most probably be able to pay back the monies to their investors which they had received from them!

In view of the catastrophe unfolding during the last decade, we also want to be a platform to explore new models which provide a fairer balance between investors and investment managers (who have downgraded to pure – and poorly performing – investment advisors only!).